British Strays buried in Canada
Courtesy of: Ted Burkmar

For Your reference. The following individuals are buried in St. Luke's Churchyard, Saanich, (Victoria), B.C., Canada. The church dates from 1860:

HUGHES, Mary Ann Born Islington, London, 1852
HUGHES, John James Born Holywell, N. Wales, 1850. Died London, 1934
NEWTON, Rev. W. Born England, 1828
Rosa Adelaide, of Lostford, Shropshire, widow of Edward GRAY, of Crewe
CLOUSTON, Olaf Robert Born Bushey, Herts. 1892-1914
LEY, Joseph Devonshire 1886-1926. Related to:
COLE, Lucy E. Devonshire 1869-1927
NICHOLLS, Arthur Henry Died 1913, aged 53 Native of Cornwall
NICHOLLS, Edith Emma Died 1950 aged 87
JALLWORK, Edith M. Nurse. 1872-1953 Born London
CECIL, Caroline S.. 1878-1967 England. Also shown:
TRIBE, Josephine M. 1887-1949
MCADAM, John and Margaret Formally of England
CLARK, Watson Died 1913, aged 68. Burton, Westmoreland. Wife:
CLARK, Jane Died 1935, aged 84 Lancashire
Daughter: Elizabeth Annie Born Wales 1875
Son: Robert Born Lancaster 1885
HOBBS, Edwin Died 1906, aged 41 Bruton, Eng.
HOBBS, Annie Elizabeth Died 1938 Bradford, Eng.
COVERDALE, Jane 1830-1898 Thirsk, Yorkshire. Wife of R. COVERDALE
Son George 1856-1898
ESTLIN, Charles Prior 1861-1913 Burnham, Somerset
ESTLIN, Emily 1834-1927
ESTLIN, Emily Maude 1858-1951
DISHER, Charles Died 1939 Born England
HOOPER, Thomas Died 1886, aged 43 Native of Cornwall
KING, Elizabeth 1880-1919, Kent
KING, Alfred Edward 1867-1888
KING, Henry A. 1840-1922 Somersetshire
KING, Charles Edward 1871-1949
KING, Caroline Alice Died 1945, aged 71
POPE, John Allen Died 1946, aged 77. Sutton, Poyntz, Dorset
JOHNS, Dora L. 1901-1988 Plymouth, Eng.
WENHAM, John Godfrey 1907-1959 Elham, Kent
WENHAM, Alice Cordelia 1880-1946
WENHAN, John 1860-1950
WENHAM, F. Phyllis 1908-1954
JENNINGS, William 1871-1956 Warford, Cheshire
JENNINGS, Phyllis Grace 1871-1952 Lambourne, Berks
SCARRETT, Rev. G.H. 1890-1948 Leek, Eng.
SCARRETT, Esther 1888-1952
MACRO, Sydney S. Lieutenant, Royal Artillery, B.E.F. Died 1977, aged 86
SIMON, Major John Paterson 1883-1965 Born Leicester
SIMON, Qwenedoline Mary 1898-1974
GOODLAND, Herbert Colonel, C.B., D.S.O. Royal Munster Fusiliers
Died 1956 aged 81 Taunton, Eng.
ASHTON, Lieutenant General Ernest Charles 1873-1956. No origin stated
FILMER, James W. 1888-1982. No origin stated, possibly from Kent
Also noticed BLEWETT / TIDMAN / JARROTT burials, no origin stated.